How it Started

It come down to a day in 2008, just after resuming back for my final year in the university at the Federal University of Technology, Akure that the burning desire to worship God came upon me. With this passion and burning desire to lead the end-time generation in the path that God desire, I recieve a portion of the scripture which describe those that worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in truth and that these are the worshippers that the father seek which led to the name PERFECT Worship, given to God by the perfect worshipper.  Thereafter, I approached the leader (Michael Sobola) of the group that I once led between 2005-2007 "daSabbath Acappella" and discussed with him the passion I have and this led to the first concert we had in 2009 and God has indeed been faithful unto us ever since.

- Samuel Adejuyigbe

Perfect Concept

The first season was eventful as this marked the beginning of the project, so we embark on reaching out to different fellowship on campus with our proposal to training members on instruments and vocally which yeilded a great fruit. This we implemented by linking a professional instrumentalist with a novice and indeed it was eventful and the training took place before the concert in 2009, the learning crew were able to feature in the concert held live on 12th Dec 2009. This continued for a while in the other seasons we had

In Perfect Season 2, there was a conference in place where different alumni of the university and also of perfect came visiting and taking different aspect of the program... To teach and training ongospel worship the role of the worshipper in giving a quality worship. Also, in 2014 during the preparation of perfect season 3, we had a similar program which we had few days before the concert and God took the glory.

As part of the event in perfect season 2, we had a perfect digest(magazine) which was shared to fellowship to join us in keeping the fire burning and this lead to more awareness being created for the program. We repeated this same gesture for season 3 by publishing a magazine with the editorial by Ifelayo Suliman (now Afeni) and also had a studio session with Kolade Morakinyo which that led to our first album being released in 2014. This album kept the vision still burning in our soul and kept us in tune with the purpose God has called us into His perfect will for us.

The Concert in all the seasons were indeed the hand of God at work because it weren't just mere ministration but we felt the move of God amoung us. The concert was structure to be held at location where passer-by will be engrossed with the music and eventually stay to recieve the tough of God through our music. We had the concerts at the Federal university of Technology Akure in 2009 - season 1, 2011 - season 2 and 2014 - season 3.

Perfect Theme Song

We are all God's Children

Standing Side by Side in His purpose

We will love each other

Running the race together

Let us all be perfect as our father is

O what joy it will be when we shall see Him face to face

Perfect Seasons

Theme Song



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